Saturday, July 23, 2011

Games and Funtimes

Being around a goofy toddler definitely brings out the child in me. It had been years since I sang "Ring Around the Rosie" and actually had fun doing so, but now it's one of Little Olive's favorite things to do. "Rosie, rosie, rosie" she'll sing. And if I don't actually fall all the way on the ground at the end, she pushes me down to make sure I'm playing the right way. No cheating! She knows me too well already.

melissa and doug
Building blocks, playing peek a boo, talking in jibberish on purpose - these are the things that make me and my daughter so happy. Having some wonderful toys and  child games around the house help when you're at a loss for creativity. And they are so exciting to play with. Though...I'm finding they're not always necessary to have a good time. It's the connections we make just playing with each other that seem to become favorites. She loves watching me sign the "ABCs" and I love watching her little hands try to imitate the letters. She's learning to her own little way. Her favorite numbers right now seem to be 5 and 7, as she'll repeat them over and over...

Games and fun keep us feeling young. So speaking of games, I've been wanting to share this video for a while. Brought to you by the awesome, Brian Regan.  This happens all the time during Jeopardy!

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MB said...

Haha I love Brian Reagan! He's so funny!