Thursday, July 28, 2011

Being chic on a budget

I can't really claim to be a fashionista of any sorts, but I do know how to find some good deals. I've always been one to search clearance racks and pull out my coupons while shopping, especially for clothes. My reasoning is, styles change so frequently, and I can't afford to update my entire wardrobe every few years. Instead, I look for cute, special, and flattering bargains that add to my collection and wear them for as long as they last.
For example: I was out at JCPenny's one day with a $10 off $10 purchase or more coupon. I knew I could find something for a nice price. Things were on sale, but still a little high for me. I took my time and looked at all the racks until I found the cutest summer tops for only $10.49! The style was perfect for regular or maternity bodies. I was beyond thrilled. After my coupon, I only paid $0.42 for my shirt.

Now that's what I'm talking about. When it comes to being pregnant and having your body change so quickly, it's even more important for me to spend my money wisely.  I really enjoy finding websites with petite, maternity, and plus size women's clothing. I always go right to the sales page - and usually I find a great steal. Some people might not need to be as frugal when it comes to shopping, but since we all love saving money, it never hurts to try!

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Natalie said...

That 42-cent shirt was super-cute, too!! :) Great job!!!