Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Being careful, jumping, and letting go

I'm really such a worrier. It was bad enough before I became a mom; now I'm just hopeless. My daughter stands up too quickly, and I knock my chair over jumping to her side. My nephew swings high on his swing set, and I cover my eyes looking away. You could call me a nut, but my quick reflexes have saved a bump or two. And they give me quite the adrenaline rush. Keeps me feelin' young. (Haha.)

But I just have to trust that these kids know what they're doing. Watching Little Olive climb in and out of her little high chair amazes me...nobody taught her how to do that. One day, she realized we were eating pizza for dinner and clambered up there like it was her last meal on earth. (It's also funny how no one taught her that pizza was a delicious treat. Now she's obsessed with it.) Then tonight, she surprised us all by getting herself down.

I know why people hold onto their kids and worry sick about them as they grow up and do their own things. Accidents and mistakes happen all the time. Just today I saw the aftermath of a horrible motorcycle accident. It really affected me. I truly hope Little Olive never wants to ride one of those.

I just wonder how I'm going to be in 18 years when Little Olive, who won't be so little anymore, tries to do more than climb out of her "big girl high chair". It's easy to say now that I'll have to trust her...but how can I really know?

Well, if it gives me any comfort, I have an amazingly advanced child who will never do a single thing wrong. ;) We're all set to go! Bring it on, future.

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i.ikeda said...

Ohhh, how timely this is. We're on vacation at the beach, and right in front of the house there's a big rock we can climb on during low tide. It's high, and there are lots of smaller, jutting rocks surrounding it. Well, all the kids love to climb it, and N. wants to follow them. Of course. So I mastered climbing with her, holding one of her hands. But guess what? She wants to do it herself, no mommy. Anytime I look the other way for 2 seconds, she tries to run up by herself. I've nearly had about 7 heart attacks since we got here. So yeah, I worry.

But it's awesome that she learned how to climb out of her chair! Congrats to Olive. :)