Friday, July 08, 2011

And slowly the energy dwindles away

Be prepared...this is a therapy session/blog post for myself. I feel like I need to be lying on a couch, trusting my deep secrets with someone. (Will you be my someone?)

Okay, it's not that serious.
During my second trimester,  I could not believe how great I felt. The baby bump was the perfect size so I still could move around easily, and the energy level! My goodness. Every day, I would wake up and do one project after another around the house. I decluttered everything. I got into this rhythm about cleaning and couldn't believe how much I loved the house in a clean state. Now, I vacuum, sweep, do the dishes, organize, and do laundry as often as they're needed.

So can someone tell me why I'm still losing things?

Little Olive's shoes (she has two pairs) are both missing a match. I have looked everywhere. I'm beginning to wonder if the dog really eats things or if they accidentally were thrown out. Little Olive does enjoy peering mysteriously into the garbage occasionally.

Besides all this, my energy is slowly fading away. You crazy third trimester..."standing around, deciding my future!" (Name the movie.) You have stolen my energy. I'm definitely not doing as much these days. But if we had carpets, I would be all over them using a natural carpet cleaner.

Well, wish me luck. I'm off to the thrift store to find a pair of shoes for my daughter. I would be feeling guilty except her feet were already outgrowing the missing shoes. ::pats self on back:: We're good to go.


Natalie said...

Ah, the joys of the 3rd trimester! :) I'm actually enjoying the third trimester more than the others this time - oddly enough - because those homeopathic remedies are actually working and keeping my joints from dislocating or pulling out as often as they did (which was ALL the time). Sure, I get tired easily and the baby belly is taking up a whole lot of room ;), the kicks are landing hard jabs in my ribs and bladder and all that, hard to move around and stuff... you know, all the typical 3rd trimester discomforts... but I never knew what it would be like to experience those things without the racking pain I was always in before. That pain only happens now at random intervals or if I've overdone it. I am so excited!!!! I always put up with pregnancy to get the baby in the end, but pregnancy was awful because it was so painful, and I hated it. (And no, that's not too strong a word. :P ) SO, SO grateful that the past month has been so much different and I'm excited about the actual "being pregnant"!!!! :) I may still walk a little funny but it's usually quite bearable if I'm smart about what I do.

I hope you found some cute shoes for L.O.! :) Need to make a thrift store run for my kiddos, too, soon. :)

Susan Kane said...

The third trimester is like a big secret we keep from other women. Especially the last two weeks. Man, no one would ever get pregnant if they knew about those weeks. Seriously, enjoy this young life you are carrying. It is our only chance to participate in a true miracle (Erma Bombeck).

The Host said...

Remember, you didn't have to chase a toddler around when you were pregnant with your first. Cut yourself a little slack.

Amanda said...

Btw, I haven't given up looking for her one purple flip flop in my house. I'm convinced one of the three girls stashed it somewhere....