Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Second Trimester Thoughts

Carrying on the tradition of the first trimester post.

...13 weeks! Hello, second trimester! We are going to be great friends. I can tell already.

...First appointment with our awesome midwife. Got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. So incredible.

...Tried a gluten free diet for a month.

...Started to get "morning sickness" again. Totally wasn't cool.

...Took Little Olive to her first movie! It was a fun experience.

...Started to feel the baby move for real - not just maybe baby bumps. Definitely baby kicks! :)

...Ugh stomach flu.

...Mother's Day!

...Ian finishes his Master's degree!

...Belly is starting to really show! Hooray!

...18 week ultrasound! It was amazing! At this one with the first pregnancy, we found out she was a girl - Little Olive. This time it was different - but we're excited to be waiting.

...Took a trip to Indiana to visit friends and family for a wedding!

...Took another trip a couple weeks later to visit more family for Memorial Day.

...So much energy! Cleaning, sewing, doing projects around the house, keeping busy!

...24 weeks - how time flies. Looking forward to the last stretch. :)


i.ikeda said...

Wahh, congratulations, you're down to the last three months! How cute that you took little Olive to see the baby's ultrasound. What was her reaction to it? It sounds like you and I. are on a super productive streak right now, care to send some of that energy my way? ;)

Rachel said...

oh my gosh....Olive is the cutest name ever.....what will her full name be!? :D