Monday, June 06, 2011

Boy's Christening Outfit: Part Two

Remember back in April, I wrote about sewing a Christening outfit for our Maybe Baby Boy? I only did the pants then. Here's the  link to the tutorial and photos. It took me a while to sit myself down for round two, but I did it the other day! I finally made the shirt!

I used a light, simple cotton for the top. For the edging, I used the left-over material from my wedding dress. It's a shiny, soft satin. I didn't want the whole thing to be made out of satin, because little babies are slippery enough as it is. ;) If you don't understand my directions, let me know. I'd be happy to edit if something needs a better explanation.

1. I started off folding the material in half so I would have two layers. I placed one of Little Olive's shirts on the layers and folded in the sleeves. I didn't want to cut the sleeves connecting to the torso because I figured it would look too stiff. You could always chose to do this if you're just starting out. The sleeves are tedious, but I think the finished product looks a little better adding them separately. After cutting out the torso, I cut two sleeves. Two pieces for each (front and back) making a total of four pieces altogether. I used a 3-6 month size shirt for my pattern. I'm not sure how big the baby will be as a newborn and didn't want this to be too small. 

2. This is what all the pieces looked like after being cut out.
I sewed the sleeves first, starting at the top shoulder point and working down toward the wrist. I did this for the bottom seem as well, starting at the underarm and sewing to the wrist. Four seems, two finished sleeves. I put those aside to work on the torso.

3. I sewed the top shoulder seems, and then the side seems. Pretty easy and straightforward. You can't tell I even sewed because I used white thread, so I took the picture below to show proof.

4. Close-up of a seem. :)

5. Next I pinned the little sleeves to the arm holes. Make sure all the seems are facing the same way (all inside-out). The picture shows everything inside-out. However, the easiest way to pin and sew is to actually tuck the sleeves into the armhole so you don't see the sleeves. This allows for only the seem to show while you sew and pin. It gets everything "extra" out of the way while you're at the machine.

6. Here it is, right-side-out, after the sleeves were sewn in. I cut the front of the shirt in half, down the middle, after taking this picture. I wanted this to be more of a tunic than a pull-over shirt.

7. Now it was time to make the satin edging. I plugged in my iron to warm up. (Waited a few minutes.) Earlier in the day, I had cut out strips of fabric approximately 3 inches wide. I had all different lengths to fit the different areas of the top, such as the collar, the bottom hem, the torso, etc. 
First I folded the ends of the edging down and ironed them. It will help in the long-run to take your time on this.

8. Next, I folded the material in half to create a smooth edging with no frayed ends. Iron this well, and the next step will be much easier!

9. I slipped the edging over the bottom hem and pinned. 

10. I pinned the whole top before sewing. This is really helpful because you find "trouble areas" such as corners or connecting areas. For this top, it was the top and bottom corners of the middle torso. It was tricky tucking in the ends of the edging so that nothing would be sticking out and fray. I actually decided to hand-sew these four corners to secure them and make for a smooth ride on my machine.

11. Here I am hard at work. (But not really since I set the timer and held very still.)
After this, I went to my machine and sewed on the satin edging. It went well!

12. The wrist hems were done separately on the machine, without the edging. I figured depending on the length of the new baby's arms, these might end up being folded anyways. I didn't want to spend a lot of time on creating such a small edging for this tiny area. I sewed this after creating a 1/4 inch seem.

13. Then I found a blue button in my sewing box, blue thread, and some left-over blue ribbon from my wedding (this pretty blue ribbon went around our favors at the reception. Tiny bottles of Bailey's Irish Cream at each setting. You should've been there.) I made a loop and matched it up to the button.

14. Here is the final product! It's a bit wrinkled right now and uneven in places, but I'm happy with it! 
I know it will be big on the baby so all the imperfections will be smooshed anyway. 

I hope you enjoyed it! :)


i.ikeda said...

That looks so cute! The baby will look adorable in this. If it's a girl, will you use little Olive's outfit? Thanks for the instructions on this too. You know what's funny? I never even thought about using N.'s shirts as patterns but that makes total sense. I usually just try to figure it out in my head or by drawing it, or sometimes I use a pattern (though I don't like them).

LuAnn said...

Oh Maggie, I've got tears in my eyes! This is so beautiful! And the little button and ribbon from your wedding---perfect! You are gifted!

Natalie said...

Too cute, Maggie!! :) Little Finn is lucky to have a talented mama (whether this baby or a future one is little Finn. ;) )

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