Wednesday, June 01, 2011

And the blogging award goes to...

What a great way to start off June! Receiving a blogging award is kind of like opening a Christmas gift when you didn't even know it was Christmas! It's a great surprise. I wanted to thank Mountain Mama at Into The Wild Blue Yonder for this one. It's beautiful! 

Some awards come along with rules, and this one has four!

1) Tell who gave it to you. Well, technically I already did - but I'll tell you a little about her. :) We met during the A-Z Challenge and found similarities with our philosophies of life. When I've been away from the blogging world for several days, Mountain Mama's is one of the blogs I go to first to catch up on. I really enjoy her recipes, stories, and honest accounts of life. She has a Wordless Wednesday tradition where her posts are filled with pictures only, and what great pictures they are too. Definitely stop by to check her out. (Go do it, right now!)

2) Link back to their blog. Click above.

3) Pass it on to five more bloggers. 
4) Name someone who has really affected you in some way. I know I mention him a lot, but I definitely have to say my husband for this one. He has affected me in a lot of ways - his desire to learn, grow, teach, and help people is inspiring and admirable. I want to be like him. :)

If you've been awarded today, here's how to add it to your profile:
Click on the picture and save it to your computer.
Upload it onto your blog anywhere you'd like. 
Some people have separate pages for awards; others display them using a gadget on the side.
Next, spread it to 5 other people!
Let them know you've given it to them. :)

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