Monday, May 23, 2011

She looks just like an angel when she sleeps

I've been in a funk lately. You know how people say, "It has been one of those days"? Well, I could easily say, "It has been eight of those days."

I'm not going to start a pity party. People around me have much worse going on in their lives. Sometimes I see sadness and stress from others and my heart literally falls for them. I wish I was a magician or a millionaire to make everyone's troubles go away...even for that day.

And at the same time, there is so much happiness too. Several of my friends have given birth or announced their pregnancies or their baby's gender; birthdays have been celebrated, weddings, reunions, discoveries, people finding their life's paths...

But regardless, there has been a fog hung over my head and it finally caught up to me today. I was cleaning up our dining room floor and ended up wiping away more than the dust and crumbs. 
So around 5:00pm, the three of us were sitting on the couch, and Little Olive was trying to get comfortable for a nap. I could tell. She was going back and forth between us, purposely disrupting the dog's nap as she moved. We wouldn't normally let her sleep at that time, but she had a crappy nap today and I figured a short little snooze couldn't hurt.

She had been in my arms for only a few minutes when I looked down to see she had fallen asleep.

She hasn't slept in my arms in a very, very long time. Maybe a couple months? 

I just watched her for several moments and could have let myself cry again at how beautiful she was. But I held it together. (Geesh. Get a grip, after all.) She was just so beautiful. Her little face was so smooth and peaceful, and she twitched into a smile at one point. It was like holding my newborn baby again. 

She woke up not even 5 minutes later, suddenly energized enough till evening. It was good for me too. 
I might need to hold her like that again tomorrow. 
She'll think she's getting spoiled...but if only she knew that I was the one getting spoiled. She's just such a little dear. I love her so much!


Mountain Mama said...

That is so sweet! :)

I totally understand what you are saying here. I've been in a funk myself lately. The rare moments when my son calms down and snuggles up with me really renew my spirit. I miss the long naps we used to take together when he was a baby. Those were the best moments.

i.ikeda said...

You're such a great mama, Maggie. You two are the sweetest pair, I tell you. I understand this so well too. Whenever we're having a hard day, as soon as we snuggle up at night it all melts away. I treasure those moments so much. When people warn me against spoiling her that way, I just want to ask who's spoiling who? I'm the one who doesn't want to let go, hahaha.

We need to have some playdates this summer for sure. It looks like N. and I won't be in the area for much longer. T_T

Created2bholy said...

Lena always sleeps with me while Dan's gone. It is so precious to wake up next to her as she's snuggled so tightly into me I can barely move. I love those little moments! Now if only Avi would sit still long enough.... haha

Kiera said...

Am I allowed to comment on how much i love you!?