Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for X Chromosome

"My husband is so stupid. 
Why, if he were lying face down he wouldn't have sense enough to turn his head to breathe. 
That's why I do his thinking for him."
-Brian Regan, Epitome of Hyperbole

I would like to spend a little time today addressing the female population and a common occurrence among them: bashing their husbands, boyfriends, or men in general.

I often wonder why women insist on doing this. Whether it's to their faces, behind their backs, or in front of family/friends, I see it all the time. Women bash their men. I really can't understand it.

Oh, I know what you're thinking, But men are jerks! Trust me, I know.

Trust me, I know too. We've all been there. We've all been with or known that guy who definitely was not Mr. Right. We've all seen the guy who couldn't commit to one girl even if he was given a million dollars. We've all seen the guy who uses women. We've all seen the guy who lies, cheats, or is abusive or mean.

But news flash: girls do all that too. (Uhh...grumble grumble, no they don't.) Girls can be just as shady, hard to read, dishonest, backstabbing, etc. It's not like women are perfect angels who always make sense and never mistakes, and men are the evil population we all have to be wary of. It's actually really embarrassing being around a woman who takes every opportunity to put her man down. Even if she's trying to make it a joke, it's really not funny. It's awkward.

Now, I totally think there's a difference between doing what I just described above vs. innocently teasing your significant other. I'm married to a great guy (<-- post about him, if you care to read) who made my jaw drop at the difference. Before him, I had been around guys who would "jokingly" put me down, laugh their butts off, and wonder why I didn't think they were the most hilarious human beings to ever walk the earth.

But when Ian and I started hanging out, I was actually shocked by how different teasing could be. He would tease me to make me laugh, not anyone else. He really does have a great sense of humor, and it's great being around someone who is truly funny, trying to make me smile. ("Bacon??" lol)

And at the same time, I understand: your S.O. isn't perfect. I get it. No one is. I could sit here and complain about how Ian insists on living only by candlelight after 7pm, or how he brushes his teeth in the dark, so as to not throw off his circadian rhythm. Or that he reads through my blogs, calling out corrections while I'm tidying the house. And how he will probably be doing so when he reaches this point in today's blog. (You don't have to, darling; I'm just exaggerating.)

Take a little time today to be 100% grateful for your husband, boyfriend, fiance, etc. Stop bashing your men. It doesn't make you look like a strong woman - it actually has the opposite effect.

::steps down off the soap box::


Mountain Mama said...

I almost did the X chromosome too! I mean, really, what else is there? I made a joke out of mine just to see who would read it. (It's not really naughty. Shhh...don't tell.)

I agree about the man bashing. I try to build my husband up as much as possible to others and to his face, as well. He makes it easy, though. He does the same for me and it's a very nice feeling. A happy, confident man = a better, happier husband and father. It's true for all of us. You've got to fill the lovin' cup, not spend all of your time emptying it out and then wonder why you're not happy with your spouse. It's silly the way some people treat each other and then they wonder why they're so unhappy with their lives.

I'm glad you did this one and I didn't because I probably would've ended up doing some man bashing. Not so much bashing my husband but all those "other guys" out there. I didn't want my post to be negative, though. It's nice that you did it in this positive way. I really enjoyed reading it.

P.S. HI to Maggie's husband if you're reading this! :)

Lucy Adams said...

Sing it sistah. You're more than right.


Anonymous said...

Well said

i.ikeda said...

My theory is that those who complain the most and most vocally about their partners are the ones with very little problems. The ones with real and serious problems won't say much at all. With exceptions of course.