Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Vaccines

Several people have asked me to share my views and findings on vaccines. I am starting this post off by saying if you don't want to read this, you don't have to. I'm not here to start a debate or make anyone feel bad for vaccinating. This can be a very controversial topic, and I'm trying to present it in a peaceful way. However, the reason it's controversial is because it involves parents making decisions about the health of our children. When we're emotionally involved, it's easy to get defensive, or make judgements about what other people are doing/have done. For the most part, I am 99% positive in our decision. The 1% of uncertainty is there because I still am researching and looking for answers. To better understand where I'm coming from before reading this post, you might want to check out a previous post on this topic. Otherwise, read on. :)

I've gathered most of this information from various sources. I wrote this post over several months, so unfortunately I didn't think to cite every piece of information as I went along. For that, I apologize. But I can tell you where I got everything:

Mothering Magazine Vaccine Debate Article
Dr. Tenpenny's website and DVDs
Informed Choice
Continued research, reading, practice, and understanding of homeopathy.
The Vaccine Book, by Dr. Sears
Aluminum Article by Dr. Sears (read in Mothering Magazine)

Vaccines in general:

1) The first reason why I don't vaccinate is because I believe that the body has a natural way of healing itself when faced with an illness. Let a fever run its course, instead of giving Tylenol to break it. Let a cough bring up mucus from the lungs, instead of giving a cough suppressant. I also think good sleep, a sound nutritional diet, and healthy vitamins are a great way to prevent sicknesses. That being said, the body simply can't fight off everything that comes along. If it could, no one would have ever died from diseases - no one would ever get sick, period. It's necessary to treat illnesses, but how we do so is where many people differ. I want to treat the illness - when it happens. My first choice for medicine is homeopathy. Homeopathy activates the body's healing process. In order for it to work quickly, it helps if the body is as "pure" as possible...meaning that, no drugs, prescriptions, medications, vaccines, etc. are in the system. This brings me to my second point.

2) The ingredients in vaccines are not pure, nor should they be anywhere near our bodies. Some questionable ingredients include: thimerosal (which is mercury based), aluminum, formaldehyde, and cells from aborted babies. These are only a few of the ones that alarm me. They do not belong in our bodies - no matter how small the amount, and no matter how the manufacturers try to defend their place in vaccines. I am not okay with aborted baby cells being injected into my baby's body. Ian and I both are equally opposed to abortion and see this as morally wrong, as well as disgusting. 

3) Injected shots are not the most effective way to become immune to a disease. Inhalation or ingestion triggers the body's natural defense mechanisms. However, injections, instead of only creating an antibody, then cause the antibody to attack good parts of our bodies. This is because the antibody gets bored in our system, and with no disease to fight off, it finds other things to do. 

4) Vaccines came into play well after deadly diseases began dying down. If you look at a timeline of when vaccines were introduced, many diseases were already so close to being eradicated. But people think that vaccines were the reason. Instead, better living conditions, better sewage systems, clean water, and overall health can be credited for the decrease in illness.  

5) Perhaps this is a more cynical reason for being against vaccines, but I really do not trust the vaccine companies. Vaccines are a multi-billion dollar business, and they create products which keep us coming back for more. Vaccines need boosters. That's another doctor's visit. That's another trip to a place where only sick people should go. Not a place where you bring your 4 month old because they need their Hep B booster! Also, vaccine manufacturers are protected, meaning if a vaccine causes harm to a child, you can't hold the vaccine people accountable. Doesn't that seem odd? And if you think our government is out there to protect us from all things bad, think again. Dr. Sheri Tenpenny's Facebook Page has almost daily updates on different states restricting families abilities to decline vaccines, or claim exemptions from them. In a country where we should be free to make our own decisions based on what's best for our families, the government is making this harder and harder. 

7) Vaccines are causing us to need new vaccines. We took a harmless childhood illness, chicken pox, and made it out to be this horrible disease. They created a vaccine for it so children wouldn't get sick for a week of their lives. Now that less children are being infected, adults who had chicken pox as children (and survived!), are not being exposed to their necessary and natural "boosters." So now, when the rare case of chicken pox comes around, the adults are at risk for shingles, which is much more serious than a childhood case of chicken pox. So they've created a new vaccine for shingles! Not to mention, the guilt placed on parents when they don't want to vaccinate their children. "If you don't, you could infect an adult and get them incredibly sick." We're on this vicious cycle because we're not letting the body get what it needs.

8) Side effects and beyond: Remember that horrible, British guy, Andrew Wakefield, who said that there's a connection between autism and vaccines? Well, actually, he didn't say that. Watch the video I just linked and see for yourself. There ARE people, however, who do make such a claim. They also include seizures, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, etc. in their claims. I'm still learning about this, so I can't comment with certainty. However, metals such as aluminum and mercury have been shown to cause brain damage, and there is a definite link between Alzheimer's and aluminum. Would I be surprised if autism and vaccines were related? No. Do I know for sure they are? No. All I can say is that any side effect, whether it's a high fever, a week of vomiting, a week of intense screaming from the baby, seizures, or soreness, should not be ignored or accepted as "perfectly normal." The time of sickness after a vaccine can be equated to the time your child would have been sick if they just came down with the measles. No side effect is okay with me. Not to mention, now the body has to deal with all the vaccine ingredients floating around inside of the body, looking for something to do.

9) Herd immunity: people consider non-vax families somewhat selfish. We don't vaccinate because of the risks, but then we depend on everyone else to stay healthy so our children are safe. This is not my mindset. If every family in the world decided to not vaccinate, I would not blame them, and I would not be afraid that my child is not being "immune by the herds". If vaccinating families think vaccines work, have no harmful side effects or ingredients, are 100% necessary, then it should not bother them that other people do not vaccinate. If my kid comes down with rotavirus, guess what? Your kid is protected because of all the vaccines he received. Right? But sadly, we already know that children who have been vaccinated still come down with those very illnesses. 

10) And that's because vaccines wear off. Or they don't work. Or both. We vaccinate our children for pertussis but by the time they're adults, the immunization has lost its effectiveness. Adults carry around whooping cough and spread it to children. Even children carry it. That's because the pertussis vaccine doesn't prevent people from the sickness - it diminishes the symptoms. So yes, you could say the vaccine offers protection, but it doesn't offer immunity, nor does it stop the disease from spreading. 

11) As long as my children do not attend day care, their risk for diseases is already reduced. Day cares are swarming with germs and sickness. It's not that they are bad places, but you put 100+ kids in a building, all day, every day, and the germs have no where to go. Day cares are also places where anti-bacterials are used like it's nobody's business. This creates stronger bacteria and stronger illnesses. (For the record, we don't use anti-bacterials in our home.)

12) Breastfeeding reduces the risk of childhood illnesses. I could go on forever about how much a child is protected while breastfeeding, but this information is already prevalent. Just to summarize: breastfeeding your baby IS best! If you can do it, definitely go for it! 

13) I have a feeling that if a child were to get ahold of a vaccine and drink the liquid, we'd freak out. Poison control would be called and the child would get very sick. Why is it still okay to inject it into their muscles?

14) I'm not saying that un-vax children are perfect and healthy, but vaccinated children still get sick. They still get colds, flus, ear aches, pneumonia, digestive issues, fevers, etc. etc. Vaccinating does not guarantee an illness-free life. People do die from the sicknesses I just mentioned (save colds and ear aches). Vaccines do not protect you from everything. Nor is there a vaccine for every illness out there. Vaccinated children could still die from another deadly disease. 

15) "God made dirt and dirt don't hurt." There's wisdom and health benefits of letting your child play outside, get dirty, eat sand, eat food off the floor, etc. That makes me sound like a neglectful mother, but my point is - some germs are good for kids. Being exposed to germs helps the body's immune system to get stronger and tougher. Not to mention, being outside exposes them to fresh air and sunlight - two things that aid the body's overall health. So make your kids play outside! 

16) Whether a baby is born at 5lbs or 11lbs, the same vaccines are given. The same amount of chemicals are injected into a child whether their weight is doubled another child's. This is scary to me. Is such an amount safe for one child's body, but too much for another?

17) I feel as though non-vax is the "safer route" - in my opinion. By actively injecting my child with a vaccine, I am doing something to change their health. By refusing vaccines, I can always do something later on.

Vaccines specifically:

At the start of my research, several diseases/illnesses really scared me. I mention which ones they are as I go along. When I say I "almost got" a vaccine for one of the diseases, I mean that it scared me enough to seriously consider a vaccine. At this time, those diseases still scare me, but I have done much research to know that, at this time, I still think it is best to not vaccinate. 

Hepatitis B
: The way a baby could catch this is if he/she is sexually active or using dirty needles. Since no baby I've heard of does these things, I think this is a pointless vaccine. If the mother is infected, it would be another story.

: This can be a very serious case of digestive issues, resulting in diarrhea, which can then lead to dehydration. But at the same time, children can get dehydrated very easily - from other things too. The most important thing is to be vigilant about sanitary measures in your home, and to keep your child hydrated.

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis

Tetanus - this is scary because it leads me to think of rusty nails, lock jaw, paralysis, and death. However, good cleaning of an injury, and an emergency room visit (at worst) would take care of any deep wound. A good tip is to just let the wound bleed a lot to get any germs out. The body bleeds for a reason; let it work. 
Pertussis - I have to admit, out of all the diseases, this is one of the scariest for me. Especially for young babies, whose lungs are really not strong enough to fight this on its own. At the same time, there are several very tried and true homeopathic remedies which treat whooping cough with efficiency and gentleness. And the pertussis vaccine is very controversial and shown to be ineffective. The scarier the disease does not equate the justification of a vaccine that doesn't work. 
Diphteria - It is so uncommon in the US I don't know why we vaccinate here anymore. If we were to travel to a country where it was prevalent, I would reconsider. 

Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib): This disease is also one that makes me nervous...as it can lead to meningitis, which is no funny business. However, this is a treatable disease, and breastfed babies not in day care are at very low risk. It is most dangerous to children two and under, so if you're breastfeeding at those ages, are out of day care, the child is strongly protected. It is treatable with remedies, but if desperate, antibiotics. 

Pneumococcal: This is one I definitely almost got for my daughter before I started researching vaccines, since it is common and dangerous. But again, breastfeeding, out of day care, and remedies are great defenses to this disease. 

Polio: There are no cases in the U.S., although I do realize it is still in other areas of the world. I wasn't around during the time that Polio was, which might add to my confidence about declining this vaccine. I do not dismiss the fact that it was a serious diseases; however, I think if people came down with Polio now, we could treat it better than we did 40-50 years ago. I also know of people who had Polio, and who came out of it just fine. Not everyone who gets it knows they have it, or even get seriously sick. Some cases did cause paralysis, but only a few of those were actually permanent. I'm not trying to say it's not a serious sickness, but I think the fear can lead us to make choices that are maybe not the best. 

Influenza: Honestly, I've gotten the flu every year of my life. You feel like crap for a few days, get the chills, feel achey, and REST. Then, you get better. I know some people die from the flu, and I'm not ignoring that. But I'm talking about your otherwise healthy children. With good care, you can get better. 

Measles, Mumps, Rubella:
Measles - Measles can lead to pneumonia and encephilitis. However, doctors openly admit those complications arise almost exclusively in malnourished, or immune-weakened people. Every symptom of measles (from the rash to the cough) can point you to the right homeopathic remedy. 
Mumps - In serious cases, this can lead to meningitis. In most cases, people do not even know they've had mumps. Again, treating the symptoms can cure this illness.
Rubella - This is a very harmless disease to anyone who catches it. The harm, however, is directed at an unborn child if a pregnant women comes down with rubella. We feel compelled as parents to vaccinate our children so they don't infect pregnant mothers. What our doctors don't tell us, though, is that once a person has rubella, they have life-long immunity. So if a girl gets the disease at any age, she has no need to worry about her unborn baby when she's pregnant - no matter who is sick around her.

Varicella (chicken pox): A childhood illness that requires oatmeal baths and soothing lotion. A vaccine for this is the silliest thing I've ever heard. Seriously. 

Hepatitis A: A disease which can cause liver failure...but, why are we vaccinating 12 year olds for a disease they could get from having sex with multiple partners or from using needles for drugs? I understand kids are going to do things, but pumping them full of vaccines at 12 years old is like saying, "Don't do these things, BUT if you do, at least you're protected." How about, "Don't do these things because they're wrong and have negative consequences"? 

Meningococcal: Single dose at 11 years. If I had dormed at a college, I would have gotten this. Living in such close quarters and possibly sharing personal items puts students at risk for this disease. If at 18 years old, my kids will dorm, I'd be okay with them getting this vaccine. But not at 11 years old. 

More thoughts:

I've heard that our generation has no fear since we don't see diseases anymore. That we're naive and putting our children at risk because we're ignorant. I would just like to set the record straight: I would never do this if I thought I was putting my child at risk. My child means more to me than absolutely anything and everything. I would gladly change my mind if down the road we find out this isn't the best decision. My pride is not the most important thing here. I'm doing this because I love my little girl so much...and I want only what's best for her.

That being said, I would have had a much harder time coming to this decision if it wasn't for homeopathy. We have a wonderful local homeopath who not only takes care of us when we're desperate, but who also encourages us to learn and educate ourselves in this alternative medicine so that we can take care of ourselves and our families. If I hadn't already seen for over a decade how effective, gentle, and safe homeopathy was, I'd be nervous putting my trust in it. 

If I gave my children these vaccines, and something happened to them, I would never forgive myself. I could never change my decision...it would be too late. On the other hand, if they come down with a disease, I could do all in my power to heal them. 

People say, "I was vaccinated, and I was fine." I'm one of those people! But the amount of vaccines that any of us received as children are far less than what kids receive now. Girls receive slightly more than boys, but even if boys receive all the recommended vaccines throughout their childhood, they will be exposed to 144 vaccine antigens and 42 shots. On the flip side, I bet there are just as many people out there who can say, "I had measles, and I was fine," or "I had chicken pox, and I was fine."

If my child was immune-compromised, they probably wouldn't be able to handle any form of a disease. I would take a different look at vaccines. I am thankful my child is okay in this area. It's ironic, though, that vaccines are recommended for the weak, seeing as formaldehyde (an ingredient in many vaccines) is known to weaken the immune system.

There are "pro-vax" people out there who will tell you until they're blue in the face that "Vaccines are safe, vaccines are safe, vaccines are safe." They will deny any link between vaccines and harmful side effects, deaths, or change in the child. They claim there is no scientific data to back up such claims. But what about the thousands of parents' testimonies who swear their child acted differently the day after getting a certain shot? How many times have we heard, "Bobby was a normal, happy, healthy baby. The next day after his vaccinations, he wouldn't make eye contact, he stopped talking, he screamed and cried more." It's unfortunate (for lack of a better word) that story after story is not enough "evidence" to show that something may be wrong with these vaccines!

I also have a huge issue with high-up, pro-vax people saying, "Vaccines save children's lives - that's why I'm in this field." (It couldn't possibly be for the money, could it?) You know what I think? That's not good enough. Do not pump my child full of chemicals, month after month, so that you can be rich. Don't inject my child with monkey/chicken/cow/aborted baby cells to "protect" them from a rare disease. Don't inject my child with harmful metals just so the vaccine works a little better. For me and my kids, it is the process, not the product, that counts. I want my child to be as healthy as possible. I want my child to be thriving, not just surviving. 

I also want to say that there are other areas of our life that we take precautions to prevent disasters. We lock medicine away so that children won't get into it; we don't vaccinate for overdoses of Tylenol. We put scissors up high so children don't cut themselves; we don't wrap their bodies in band-aids ahead of time. We put floaties on young children when we're in the pool; drowning happens all the time, but we don't stop our children from swimming. And car accidents are absolutely horrible; they could happen in a blink of an eye, and children do die from car accidents. But parents still take their child out with them, despite the facts, despite the risk, despite the statistics. But do you have a safe car seat? Do you make sure your car seat is not expired? Did you buckle them tightly? Did you pay just a little more attention to your driving? Of course. Because even though there's a risk, there's still things we can do to prevent things. Not everything is in our control, but we have to make wise choices. 

After writing all that, I will admit that it is scary. What if we don't catch a disease in time? What if we pick the wrong remedy? What if my child is injured from a disease I could have prevented? What if I went ahead and vaccinated, and nothing bad ever happened to her? These questions are what drive me to continue reading, continue searching, and continue watching dvds - even the ones pro-vaccines. This is not about me, it's about my children. 

What do you think? I welcome your thoughts, other resources, and differing opinions. But before commenting, please remain respectful in your responses. This is a topic where every single person can continue to learn more. Keep that in mind. 


i.ikeda said...

Maggie, while I don't agree with everything you've said, I respect your decision and all the thought and research you put into this. I don't think this is a clear issue yet, or at least it isn't for me. I wanted to put N. on a reduced vaccine schedule but it wasn't possible. I had to make a choice of all or nothing and I went with all because we do travel outside of the country.

I grew up watching people with polio around me. One of my classmates in pre-school died from Hib that turned into meningitis, and we all came from families that lived under very good conditions. We saw a lot more from families in wore off areas of town. All that makes me a little more scared than your average US resident, I think.

With that said, I completely agree with you that the ones we have now are too much. Chicken pox, really?!? And the flu? I refuse to give N.the flu vaccine. The nurses at the ped keeping arguing with me, but I finally put my foot down with the doctor herself and they accepted my decision. I wish I had done the same with chicken pox. And I'm all for N. getting dirty, haha, I think she'll be much stronger for it.

Maggie said...

Thanks! I know, when I think about the diseases themselves, I get very scared. Hib, Pc, polio, pertussis, etc. Those are the ones I struggle with. They are not made-up illnesses! I didn't mention this in my blog (maybe I'll go and add it), but I feel like since there IS so much controversy over the whole vaccine scene, that I don't want to be involved in it for now. The fact that it's even an issue scares me. If they figure things out, I might change my mind. :)

LuAnn said...

Thank you, Maggie. Thoughtful and well-written. Ah...if only I could turn back the clock....

Natalie said...

OH MY GOSH. I just typed a whole thing about the history my family has of bad effects from vaccines (my brother almost died from the pertussis vaccine, for example) and how I don't want to put chemicals or diseases in certain forms in my children's bodies (again, family history of reacting very badly to modern drugs... hallucinations, swellings, shock - or even the tiniest doses of narcotics after surgeries which have made immediate family members stop breathing)... as reasons I am very wary of vaccines and don't vaccinate my children yet... and stupid Google couldn't process my request and LOST everything I just typed! ARGH!!!!! :P

I also had mentioned that I don't trust the government when it says that certain vaccines are safe (and/or effective). The military has received all kinds of meds and preventatives which were later discovered to cause cancer, sterility, and so on. I remember my dad being concerned about the anthrax vaccine when it became mandatory again during OIF, because he'd seen it do bad things to some his buddies (most often, sterility or birth defects). I was really nervous when my husband had to get his 6-dose round of anthrax - I could treat the pain in his arm with homeopathy, but I was a little concerned about the sterility factor. While he was deployed I read lists and lists of comments from people who'd seen bad side effects from it. He seemed to be ok - but then, when he came home, we conceived our second baby almost right away... and lost the baby. Then, we tried for months to get pregnant, but were unsuccessful for a time. After several months, it started gnawing away at me that maybe this was from the anthrax vaccines. Thank God, we have been able to have several babies since. But that was a horrible thing to have in the back of my mind!

And... the military ended up changing their policy because they were inundated with so many complaints about serious side effects from the anthrax vaccine. While they STILL tout it as "safe and effective," servicemembers are only required to get it if they are deploying. (Obviously, that's eventually most of the military... but still... it's a start.) Considering that every other vaccine (and there are a MULTITUDE... some years Tim has received over 20 injections, what with boosters and whatnot) is still mandatory for the military, that has to mean that they KNOW anthrax isn't perfectly safe. Grrrr!

Created2bholy said...

Thank you for writing this. I will be passing this along as many friends who disagree with my decisions have asked me to write a post about it and I haven't had time to complete it.
My best friend's mother growing up had polio and was paralyzed from it, but she's learned to live and thrive in spite of this- she's incredible. My mom had all 3- measles, mumps and ruebella- growing up and is completely immune! I have another friend who's baby had encephalitis after her baby receiving vaccines and almost died. Praise God he is now ok!
I, to a certain extent, see why the military and others in gov jobs that travel, such as Dan, are forced to be vaccinated because of going overseas. But when Dan's job was forcing him to get all of these vaccines he's already had from the Marines or ones we felt unnecessary at this time, we compiled his vac records, "delayed" indefinitely and fought as best we could. If he does have to get some in the future, we can only trust that God's will be done with issues of sterility if we can't fight the fight. Maybe a vac would "save" him if he's traveling to an unsanitary country, as he did back in November. I try not to let fear with or without vaccinating take over us. We become educated and trust that God's will be done. For now, we are not vaccinating the girls but have both agreed that if they dorm they will be getting the meningitis vac, just as we did. Sorry this is so long. Great job, Maggie~

Natalie said...

I agree with the above post - if our kids dorm, I will probably encourage them to get the meningitis vaccine, although I did not. I do know of people who have died from the disease, including the teenage daughter of one of my mom's very good friends. She came home from school one day with a sore throat. By that evening she had deteriorated so much that they took her to the hospital. She was dead in less than 24 hours from having any symptoms. That is a VERY scary thing to me and because there is essentially nothing you can do from the onset of symptoms, I agree that it is probably the best option to vaccinate for that one if you will be in school/close quarters with other people.

Also, just to clarify... while the huge number of vaccines our military and other government workers are mandated to receive scares me (the sheer number, more so than the vaccines themselves) I do completely understand why they get most of them. They just need to do a better job of making sure these vaccines are as safe as they claim they are before using our military as guinea pigs (as with the anthrax vaccine). Clearly, I would rather my husband come back safe than come down with typhoid, yellow fever, smallpox, etc. So I am certainly not totally "anti-vax" - I just think there is a time and a place for them... and a time and place where they are NOT necessary, and potentially cause greater harm than good.

Mama Cass said...

We two are very much on the same page. I started my research and love and passion of this subject in 2001, and I'm still eagerly learning, never stop. I've been very happy with my decision, all of these years later, with 5 and 7 year olds who have benefited greatly, I believe without one single vaccine. It's clear to me after these years, their bodies know what to do, and I listen intently, and care for them accordingly. :) I've bookmarked this in my Vaccines folder, and will look on it many times in the future when needing information. Valuable piece of work you have compiled! Thanks!

TheyCallMeMom said...

This is one of the best blog posts I read in a while. I have been meaning to write a blog on vaccines for some time, I just haven't had my thoughts together. This is very clear and well written and everything you said is exactly how I feel. Thank you for sharing. I will be passing it along.

nurturing nature doula said...

I completely agree with EVERYTHING! Saddened that I didn't do my research with my first...although there was some selective vaccinating with him. Quick question though...any good research/references for homeopathy??? I'm very interested, but don't know where to start. Thanks!

The Indians said...

If you don't believe that vaccines eradicated illness, then why in your descriptions of diseases are you "almost getting" them? I had to stop reading because it really conflicts. What about mothers who use daycare or don't breastfeed? They are better off getting harmful vaccines that don't work and didn't eradicate illness? I liked everything up until that part. You are spreading two messages here and I think you need to choose one.

Anonymous said...

I just saw your blog as a post on facebook. I work for a paediatrician in Canada where we vaccinate the majority of babies that come to our office. There are a number of parents who chose not to vaccinate and noone in our office gives anyone a hard time. Quite simply it is a parents choice and as children get older (teens and adults) they can make their own choices on vaccinations.
I thought your blog was very interesting and I always admire people who are strong in their convictions with sound reasoning.
I personally have chosen to vaccinate my children. My son has special needs with a comprimised immune system and for him alot of these illnesses could be fatal. My husband and I had long dicussions about to vaccinate or not. Even nursery school was a huge consideration for him. So he is vaccinated, gone to nursery school now in kindergarten, and plays outside and eats dirt.
I appreciate the thoughtfulnees and thought provoking blog!

Maggie said...

I wanted to thank everyone for their comments on this post - it means a lot to me to get feedback from you all. I love reading what everyone has to say.

To The Indians: Thank you for your comment. I'll clear things up for you. If you go back and read the descriptions, there is only one disease where I "almost got" the vaccine. That would be Pc, and as I said, it's because it's a very serious and scary disease. What I didn't make clear was that it was at the start of my research, when my daughter was still a newborn, that I seriously considering getting the vaccine - until I began researching more. Now, I do not feel that way - which is why I did not say in my post that I'm STILL considering getting it. I disagree that I'm spreading two messages; I think my stance is very clear. I'm sorry to have thrown you off with the Pc vaccine. At this time, Pc, Hib, and Pertussis still scare me, which is what drives me to continue reading, researching, and making sure I'm making the best possible decision.

Nurturing Nature Doula: I'd be happy to share more information on homeopathy! http://mychildisveryadvanced.blogspot.com/2010/01/homeopathy-for-beginners.html
This was a post I wrote a little while back. Feel free to let me know if you want more direction...I still consider myself a beginner, but mostly because I'm learning it is such a complete way of medicine! :)

Mountain Mama said...

This is a very well written and informative post, Maggie.

We did decide to vaccinate our son and I'm content with our decision to do so, but I certainly understand why others might choose not to. I agree with you 100% about the benefits of good nutrition and a strong immune system to ward off illness. My son has never had a flu vaccine and I don't plan to get him one. We try to eat healthy and incorporate a wide range of healthy foods into our diet and that's worked well so far. My son had his first really bad cold (flu maybe?) right after we moved here and I contracted it too. I was sicker than I've ever been too, with mucus even building up in my eyes so badly that I couldn't see in the morning until I washed them out (yucky and unpleasant for sure!) but we managed to fight it off in a matter of about a week and 1/2 without a trip to the dr. I've found that if I start to feel ill and I up my intake of vitamin C by drinking tons of oj with healthy meals, many times my sickness will only last a day or two and never get worse. I've proven to myself in this way that nutrition/vitamins play a big part in getting well.

Great post! I'm glad I stopped by and read it. I'm having trouble following you because when I go to your blog on my reading list it's not your blog. LOL. I don't understand it. It's your address, but says it's written by someone named Kanga????? Oh well, I can't figure it out so I just bookmarked you and hop over here whenever I think of it.

Have a wonderful day! :)

~*Aria*~ said...

"I understand kids are going to do things, but pumping them full of vaccines at 12 years old is like saying, "Don't do these things, BUT if you do, at least you're protected." How about, "Don't do these things because they're wrong and have negative consequences"? "

I'm in favor of, "Don't do these things because they're wrong, BUT if you do, at least use condoms so you're protected against MANY diseases as well as unplanned pregnancy."

It's ridiculous, in my strong opinion, to inject kids full of toxins in an attempt to protect against STDs rather than to do the smarter thing of encouraging use of condoms that will do far better job of protecting against those diseases AND MORE without the potentially deadly effects of the toxins.

Herd-immunity is a fallacy. Viruses don't bounce off an invisible forcefield. People who are vaccinated still can harbor the diseases and then spread them around, including to someone unvaccinated. I've got an autoimmune disorder and get sick a LOT (even had the piggy flu when pregnant), and I'm afraid of the way viruses are mutating and getting stronger in reaction to vaccines, but I'm more afraid of injecting toxic metals into myself. We're told to eat very little tuna because there might be traces of mercury. So why the hell guarantee a dose of it? Why get a vaccine and be sick for a week to prevent the slight possibility of being sick from the illness later (and develop lifelong immunity if its caught naturally!)?

I've been told I'm stupid for not vaccinating, that I don't because I'm lazy. Well, it would be easier by far to just vaccinate and skip researching. Those who vaccinate because they're told to without researching at the ones who are lazy and stupid. It takes actual effort to stand up to the pressure and to research and learn.

Melissa Neece said...

Here are some of my favorite "all-in-one" links - makes researching a lot easier!