Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for Quiet and Quality

I feel like I've been running a lot lately. I started to feel worn down this week; not as if I'm getting sick, but just feeling the need to relax. When I try to squeeze too many visits, errands, or chores in a day, my little pregnant belly starts to grumble. Just go sit down. So today I did. Little Olive surprised me in the afternoon with a wonderfully long nap, giving me more than enough downtime for myself. It's naps like this that have me glancing at the clock, itching for her to wake up. When she did, she was so cute and cuddly.

We had some awesome moments together today. We didn't do anything unusual, no crafts (surprise! lol) or projects, but we didn't need to. I just focussed on her.

Are You My Mother?We read her favorite book, Are You My Mother by P. D. Eastman. She loves that book, and I couldn't tell you why! She always has...she sits through the whole thing. Lately, she enjoys drawing in it. With pens. Always around the little bird too. It's a sign. She's so advanced.

We ate snacks of yogurt, oatmeal, GF pasta (which I must have cooked wrong because, my goodness, it was gross), and juice boxes.

She has been (more than usual) very affectionate lately. Maybe she's catching onto how sweet it is? Whatever the reason, I totally love it. She gives the best bear-hugs - and the best toddler kisses ever. She wraps her little arms tightly around my neck and just smacks her little lips against mine. If I smile, she does it again. If I try not to, she'll wait until I do.

I just relish these moments.

Have you ever heard of The 5 Love Languages? You should go take the quiz and see which one you are. I'm quality time. I love, love, love just spending meaningful time with people, especially Ian. I love when we go on walks, sit on the couch and talk, drive together, or even go grocery shopping (though he doesn't care too much for that). I start to feel cranky when we haven't spent that kind of time together. So it's no surprise that when it comes to L.O., I feel the same way. I love being with her...even if all we're doing is making a diaper change funny, or pretending I understand her serious sentences of complete babble.

It's little moments like this that make me stop, look upward, and say "Thank you".

Be sure to take some time today to just be thankful. And take the quiz! It's really cool. :)


i.ikeda said...

What a sweet post Maggie. I also love the toddler cuddles and kisses. Thankfully, Naomi loves to give them, so I get my fill. But I can always use some more, hahaha. I never get tired of her displays of love, how could anyone?!? And get some rest! Your body is growing a baby, and that takes a lot of work.

N. R. Williams said...

I am so reminded of my girls when they were little. Fortunately, I have two 4 year old grandchildren, one who lives with me so I get lots of love.
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.