Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Life Well Loved

Today, I wanted to take some time and thank all my new followers: Dyana T, Susan May, Mountain Mama, Cindy, Tomara, Rebecca, Little Yogini, Jasmin, Jade, Wren, Justine, Moira, Dan, and Anibel. You each made me so happy, excited, and flattered when you followed my blog. Thanks for visiting and leaving comments! I read every single one. And in turn, I have enjoyed reading your posts, especially during this A-Z Challenge.

I was also given an award! Deirdra, over at A Story Book World, gave me a Beautiful Mommy Writer Award. How awesome is that. :) I'm excited to add it to my blog.

Because the blogging world is just full of kind people who are always looking for another great writer, I wanted to highlight a follower of mine who keeps up a beautiful blog. I totally recommend that you head over and visit A Life Well Loved. This blog is well-grounded in exactly what its title says - love and life. I'm always looking forward to her new posts and checking out her different pages to see what she has added.

She also recently started another blog about unschooling, Picasso Was Once a Toddler Too. She has great ideas for turning every day activities into a teaching/learning moment. If you're looking to connect with and support a Stay-At-Home mom who has great ideas and loves spending time with her kids, definitely check her out.


Kiera said...

so cool, can't wait to check out her blogs, particularly the one on unschooling.

LuAnn said...

Me too! Thanks!

Marie Therese said...

congratulations, you!!