Saturday, April 09, 2011

H is for Handwriting

I can think of about seven people whose handwriting I absolutely adore. Most of them are women who don't read my blog (I'm making this assumption based on the facts that they don't comment or haven't become a follower yet. *ahem ahem* ).

Speaking of followers... 
I'm holding another promotion to encourage/manipulate/lure people into following my blog. 
So if you come here and like what you read, follow!
Here's my agreement: Instead of offering a promotional product for a prize, I will pick a new follower every week and feature them in a blog post. 
If you have a blog, this will be great "airtime" for you. I'll talk about your blog. 
If you don't, I'll just talk about you.  

Back to nice-handwriting people, I won't go listing their names here. But maybe someday I'd go up to them and tell them this tidbit of information to tickle their ego. Oh, I can just see their faces: happy, but denying it saying they think it's dreadful, while knowing in their heads it's really beautiful. Why do we do this? Another future blog post idea has just been born.

Unfortunately (pity party!), I don't think anyone would ever approach me and say, "I like your handwriting." That's because mine is pretty bad! Well, Ian has said a few times that he likes it, but that's because I would always written him sweet things, using great pens. Yes, Johanna, I can control my handwriting - when I have the perfect writing tool. It does make a difference. Think about it: would you rather write with a dull, gray pencil - or a sharp, fine-tip pen? I'll take the latter any day, thank you very much. And I think Anne Shirley would agree with me on this one.

Another thing that makes a difference in my legibility is the writing paper. I just completed one of my journals the other day and began writing in a random, blank Lord of the Rings one we had around the house. Horrid...the lines were so tiny I felt claustrophobic trying to complete my sentences. How nice it would have been to write in a wider-ruled, cute, notebook.

I'll keep an eye out.


V.R. Leavitt said...

Great post. I was always awed by my mother's curvy beautiful handwriting. My own handwriting was never good, let alone with the face I barely hand write anything anymore. I still journal by hand, and it's legible, but nowhere near the beauty of my mom's handwriting.

Created2bholy said...

I know what you mean! I looked forward to the day I'd be a mom...for some reason I thought that meant pretty handwriting, but alas I'm afraid it's not that great. And I know what you mean about the perfect "tools"...I always buy these certain pens that I think make my writing pretty and Dan always takes them to work :/ haha

Natalie said...

LOL! Tim always takes my good pens to work, too! Even my fountain pens! :P (And I still don't get how someone who has such beautiful calligraphy skills has such horrible handwriting. ;) )

I try to correct my students' work with a nice, smooth pen - it definitely makes me want to write more neatly. One of them once told me that he knew I was going to be his favorite teacher as soon as he saw my handwriting. :P (Tim's response: Little suck-up. ;) ) And I forced myself to write neatly during college - I learned to take the best notes that way, and I still like looking over them. Now... I'm just in too much of a hurry to care about it - unless it's a love letter or something special like that. :)

Cindy said...

I am such a pen snob too... always on the lookout for just the right smudge-proof (I'm a lefty), velvety smooth writing pen. I've settled with ultra fine tipped sharpies recently even though they are not as velvety as I may prefer because of consistency issues with other brands :(