Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Dressing your kid like a little fashionista

Right now, my daughter is running around the house, giggling, while being chased by our puppy. She is clomping around in her little shoes...which I bought on sale at Target. I was quite proud of myself - until I found out last night my friend got them for a 1/3 of the cost. If only I'd waited a couple weeks. Those are the deals!
Somethin' like that ;)

The reason I'm writing about Little Olive's outfit is because I would like to say, quite proudly, that she actually matches today! In her brightly colored fleece and little jeans, she is totally hip right now. More hip than myself, mind you. I don't always put a lot of time and effort into her outfits, so to see her all cute is really nice.

I'm not the kind of person who will spend a ton of money on clothes - not my own, not my daughter's. So when I find a good sale on kid's clothes, I jump right on that. I once found tops and bottoms at a store for $0.50 a piece! That's better than a garage sale. And they were beautiful too. Or if I come across an adorable kid's shirt that is meaningful to my daughter, I'll get it. Probably thanks to the horrible Christmas sweaters, I'm not a huge fan of dressing up with corny holiday attire. Thanks a lot, horrible Christmas sweaters. :P


Anonymous said...

Yeah I hate seeing Parents who dress their kids in North Face, Uggs, and expensive old navy jeans. I wanna say "I don't even get that stuff for me and i'm done growing!" Deal on clothes are awesome :)

Natalie said...

Ha! One time I was at a garage sale in Tonawanda and was searching through piles of clothes. My oldest son was then 18 mos and toddling around in his Baby Gap baseball tee, matching shorts, and cute Old Navy sandals... NONE of which I had purchased for him (all of his clothes were hand-me-downs from your mom's neighbor). The guy at the garage sale immediately assumed I was "one of them" and could only dress my kid in trendy, name-brand clothes. My response... "Actually, I really don't care what he wears... I do like him to match, though." :) Oh, well. Another time I found Ryan a complete sweatsuit at the PX for a few bucks... it was cute, comfy, and soft... but when his father saw that it was Adidas, he said, "My kid is never wearing that!!! People will think we're snobs!" :P (The problem at the PX is that EVERYTHING is name-brand... but they do run great clearance specials a few times a year, so if it's $2... why not???)

Cindy said...

People seem to assume I'm "one of those" parents who spends all he money on clothes... but really my girls just have a grandmother who loves to bargain hunt for them :) St one point my older girl had literally 30 summer dresses in her closet! Only ONE purchased by me. Geez.

Rebecca Dupree said...

I am the type of mother who loves Gymboree. The clothes are just too cute! But pay full price... Um, NEVER! Once, I got $500 worth of clothing for $34.65 during one of their sales! With three kids, you need to bargin shop.