Tuesday, April 05, 2011

D is for Dog Update

Would you believe me if I told you that I do not, in fact, hate our dog?

I feel like it's necessary to inform people of this truth since my last post about Kila might have given the impression that she's a perfect puppy, and I'm the hormonal housewife who loathes all furry, domesticated animals. Neither are accurate. She has started giving me kisses once again. Oh yes, she stopped for a while. I think we're on better terms. I credit this to:

Taking a stroll together
1) Warmer weather. We're able to leave her outside longer, which gives her more exercise. This also allows her to drive our neighbors insane by barking at any hint of movement or noise. "Omg omg omg you came out of your house! I will not stop barking until you get into your car and drive away!" (Sorry, Coni.) Or "Omg omg omg the kid on the other side is bouncing his basketball, and yelling at me that he's sorry it's making me bark! Attention, attention!"

2) No snow. She's been given a lot more walks now that our sidewalks are clear and her little paws won't freeze.

3) The sun being out more. It just helps everyone.

4) Ian's suggestion one day where he said, "You just have to appreciate her more."

Oh yes, darling. I will appreciate her as she eats other dogs' poop and then pukes the rest of the day. As she then sits on my lap and burps this wonderful breath up into my face, trying to give me puppy eyes and show me how cute she is and why, oh why, wouldn't I want to give her kisses? I will appreciate it all!

But in all seriousness, it helped because I looked at her in a different way. I started to play with her more...secretly to wear her out so she'll sleep the whole afternoon. I stopped taking the hairbrush away from her, even though she sits at the edge of the couch and purposely drops it (creating a loud "clunk!" every minute or so). Whatever. It's a hairbrush. I taught Little Olive how to give her a treat once a day. It's actually pretty cute.

So am I a dog person yet? I wouldn't say so. But hang in there...as she gets older and calms the crap down, and as I learn to tolerate all her quirks, we'll be just fine.

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i.ikeda said...

Ah, it worked now!

She sounds like a handful, oi. Dog poop? I'd be very, very reluctant to give her kisses too, hahaha. Most dogs I know do grow calmer as they get older, and you're right, it also gives us time to get used to their quirks. Glad to hear things are getting worked out between the two of you.