Sunday, April 03, 2011

C is for Cars, Coffee, and Chicken

This pregnancy, I'm craving a few different things. Not like intense "Omg, I need these now or else I'll go bonkers" kind, but they just always sound good: coffee, tuna fish, and driving. The problem is...I already ate way too much tuna fish during my first trimester. We have to watch the mercury, for heaven's sake! So can I tell you my utter joy upon discovering canned chicken...which makes the most delicious tuna-like sandwich - with none of the harmful metal! Ding ding down! 

Coffee...I love the smell of it, the taste of it...just not the crazy caffeine effects of it. So I drink decaf. We have never even used our coffee maker once in our home. I don't think it has all the parts, to be honest. The other day I bought instant decaf coffee. It'll do. Two down!

The third thing I have been loving recently is driving. (C also stands for my big, carbon footprint.) I don't go on afternoon-long rides in the countryside, but I love taking it slow when I run my errands. Today while driving with my husband, I was thinking that cars have come a long way in the past 100 years. I'm sure the inventors of the first automobile never could have imagined all the different designs, companies, or hybrid technology. I'm also sure they didn't anticipate the vast range of expenses a car would cost the average person.

"Cars aren't that expensive," you might counter in an exasperated fashion, as you remember my last negative comment about cars a while back. But yes they are - and that's because cars do nothing but deteriorate. I mean, sure, they DO other things, but their value always decreases. Despite all the maintenance you put into the thing, it's eventually going to die. And at $4 a gallon, gas doesn't help!

Did I ever tell you about my idea of The Town? Well, pretty much it would be this absolutely perfect little place with brick or dirt roads, cozy homes, farms, small communities, a dome where snow is allowed for the people who actually want to deal with it, yummy food, and an awesome beach. And of course, horses and buggies. Yes folks, that's right...there would be no cars. No clunkers, no trucks, not even some fuel efficient cars.

Except my husband's dream is to someday have a Mini Cooper or a Jeep Wrangler. I guess we could make exceptions for special people who've worked hard all day plowing the fields, shoveling all the cow's poop around. Maybe by the time I build and become Queen of The Town, they will have invented a hybrid Mini Cooper for my HSOAH (Handsome Stallion of a Husband). 

Then I will rename my blog, "My Town is Very Advanced". You just wait...give me a few years.   


i.ikeda said...

Haha, you're too funny. I thin kit's the first time I've heard of cravings for driving. And tell that husband of yours that he can get the car - just don't drive it very often. :) (does that totally defeat the purpose? Oh well, you know, just trying to compromise)

The Exceptional Parent said...

wait, does that mean I'M the one shoveling cow poop? i don't like the sound of this "town" so far...

Natalie said...

Up here we have just about all of that except that you don't get to pick where the snow falls. ;) Plenty of horses and buggies, though! We passed 5 on our way to church today. There is a town in Michigan (I think?) that doesn't allow any cars. People ride bicycles and horses pull carriages and the bigger things like the trash "truck," etc. Maybe you should check it out. :)