Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Very Advanced Child

I was shopping at our local grocery store the other day, and a Mom/Daughter combo stopped me to gush over Little Olive. Well, sort of. They focussed on her pacifier. "Oh my gosh," they went on, "that's the cutest thing I've ever seen." I agree - it is a cute thing. It was a baby shower gift from a cousin who knew more about this topic than I did. You know how against pacifiers I was in the beginning, but this has been a staple in my daughter's life, and I'm very grateful for it. She calls it her "Beeeen" (because we say "binky") and pretty soon we're going to have to start a weaning process. But until then, it's a huge conversation starter, just like it was a few days ago.

Anyways, these nice ladies went on about the pink horse and how adorable it was, and then launched into a timeline of the Daughter's son's childhood. I barely got a word in edgewise as she listed the months and milestones of his life. "At one month, he took out his pacifier and refused it after that. He never drank from a bottle. By two months, he held his own sippy cup. At 4 months he was crawling, by 6 he was walking. By SEVEN months he was climbing and running! Oh yeah," she said as my eyes got wider and wider in polite enthusiasm, "he was crazy. He started eating with a fork and spoon as soon as he could sit up. He clapped his hands when he was three months. He had ALL HIS TEETH by the time he turned 8 months." At this point I felt like saying, "By 9 months, did he hit his midlife crisis?"

They had never really stopped walking, and by this point they were practically turning out of the aisle. I smiled and called, "Wow, he sounds like a very advanced child." They nodded in agreement, and said goodbye. I actually chuckled to myself over the incident.

Oh, to be an advanced child...what an exciting life.


Theresa said...

Awesome post! I've got one for you. I was 8 months pregnant and working at the coffee shop, when in walked the mother of the most advanced child I've ever heard of. He was all the above in your post, give or take a few weeks variation, and potty trained by 9 months. Seriously. She said she never used diapers with her baby and simply hung him over the toilet from birth until he was able to do it himself at nine months. It must be an exciting life indeed.

Johanna said...

So funny. I'm gonna use your midlife crisis line, if you don't mind:)

The Itinerant Laborer said...

Oh this rings so true! You can't help but just smile and nod at these people.
I like to tell people how good MaryElise is at twirling and picking her nose. That usually shuts em up. Can't compete with that, right?

The Exceptional Parent said...

Love the comments. Theresa, I believe the correct term is Elimination Communication. :)

Crystal said...

Darn it.. you mean my daughter isn't the only advanced child out there..

However i have seen a 9 month old potty trained.. It is called Diaper Free.. or as someone said Elimination communication.. My english professor used the technique with her daughter.. I thought it was amazing..