Friday, March 04, 2011

Ramblings of the first trimester

...Yay! I'm pregnant...and month one is practically finished already. I'm loving this.

...Life is great! Names, due dates, exciting reminiscing, everything's awesome.

...Month two. Wait, are my pants snug already?

...Hello, prego sickness. Not thrilled, but you're bearable. Thanks for being not as bad as Little Olive!

...Never mind, you stink. I can't eat anything.

Our lovey
...Ugh. Tired all the time. How is it only 2pm? It feels like 5am.

...Moody moody.

...8.5 week sonogram - beautiful!

...Hey, here comes the sun...both mentally and weather-ly.

...Is that a baby belly or a food belly? Or a "I gave up on working out" belly? Oh well, at this point...whatever. :)

...Sigh, things are getting better. Can eat almost anything. :)

...We tell our 15 month old, "Where's the baby? Mommy's tummy." And we rub the belly. She smiles and rubs my boobs instead. Close enough.

...Birthday's in 3 days. I already have the best three presents in the husband, and our two loves. (Not to say that other gifts wouldn't be welcomed, he he.)

...Two more weeks to go in this phase. Feeling great. :)


Kiera said...

yayyyyyy! hhaha rubs the wrong place. I can just finally eat anything. And last night Cory went out to Wegmans for me and got me cinnamon buns. And they're gone, to boot.

Rachel said...

Maggie you are SO CUTE. xoxoxo

Natalie said...

I'm praying for a pregnancy during which I can say, "Feeling great!" Come on, God! :)

Natalie said...

...but your stream-of-pregnancy-consciousness was too cute! :)