Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My handsome stallion of a husband

My husband was one of the five new followers during my promotion last month, so I asked him a couple weeks ago if he would mind me writing a post about him.

"...Why...?" he asked apprehensively, taking a pause from his nightly cereal. I explained the whole deal,  then he asked, "What would you say?"

I shrugged. "I'm not sure yet. Something nice." He sort of smiled, trying not to look too pleased, but I know that face.

Before this exchange, he always said he had read my blog, but it was after this I actually saw him read every single post. He even referenced some of them. ("Porkloaf?" he asked me the other day. Hahaha.) When I'm typing away, and he's reading one of his books on the couch behind me, he'll ask, "New blog?" I'll confirm. He says, "What's this one about?" Ahh, very interested, are we?

So darling, your waiting has paid off! Here's the post about you.

Simply put, I really love my husband. He is just the greatest guy in the world. My first memories of him are perfect: smiling, singing, laughing. Eight years ago, we worked together at a movie theater. He was always one of the nicest people around. Whenever we talked, I was always very touched by his sincerity and how he listened to what I was saying. One day he named me Muñeca. I said he looked like Mr. Tumnus. About three years into working together, we started to like each other. That spring he asked me out.

You know how people say, "You'll just know" when you find the right person? Well, it's so do just know. We knew that summer we would get married someday. Sure, we had a lot to learn about each other and a lot to figure out before that, but it wasn't a matter of "Will we get to that point?" - instead it was when.

God absolutely, positively, withoutadoubt knew what He was doing when He clicked on both of our brains and said, "Hey, look over there...right!"

Why hello, handsome. Where did you come from? Oh, the box office. :) 

Even though he always wanted to marry an Asian girl with a Scottish accent (the total truth), we're soulmates. I mean, he took me to Italy to propose, for goodness' sake. He's a pretty great guy. Not your typical "I'm going to obsess about hockey and football and nothing else because I'm a guy". He likes his video games but he doesn't zone out for hours. He is a total student at heart. He's always learning, always reading, always thinking. 1 out of 10 conversations begin like this, "So today when I was listening to NPR, I heard..." He stays up to date on the world news or the national issues. He calls out every answer for Jeopardy. He even figures out the answers for Wheel of Fortune before anyone else. He's listening to an audio book about Albert Einstein while he drives to and from work. He's also reading a 700-page book about American history - both just for fun. When he buckles down, he writes his thesis for his master's degree. He enjoys making things, like cedar chests and handy contraptions to make the warm air from the heater vent flow into our living room instead of behind the couch.

Little Olive has one amazing Daddy. He warned me a few months into our relationship that he was going to be extremely involved and affectionate with our kids...and the dude wasn't lying. From day one, he has been completely involved in everything. He was 100% supportive before, during, and after the home birth. He's so good with her. He always listens to music and dances with her...when she was tiny-tiny, there was one Capoeira song that he'd sing to calm her down within moments. (I think it was Tindolele...don't quote me yet.) He reads all the books she brings to him - even if he does skip half the pages in "Green Eggs and Ham". He talks to her in Gaelic and sometimes Portuguese, and he's a big help in teaching her sign language. 

He's really just a great person inside and out. We have different political and religious points of view, but we've both learned how to talk about them with respect, with an open ear, and with a quiet mouth if needed. We've learned a lot about each other and life simply by not agreeing about everything, and we've taught each other how to be okay with different ideas. We know our backgrounds made us who we are today, and we can talk and just learn without it turning into a problem. 

I know people get pretty annoyed when I go on (or post tons of pictures) about how great he is. You know who you miserable-ites. So I'll keep it down to one picture and close with this:

Ireland 2007
It is really my hope that everyone who is meant to get married finds their soulmate. You shouldn't have to settle or convince yourself to stay with someone. There's no sense weighing pros and cons of a person or the relationship. If it's right, you'll know. If you're googling "How do I know if I've found the right person?" looking for some destined  answer, then maybe you should take a step back. Life is never the same once the right person enters your life - trust me. It's not a fairytale or perfect without problems; every day isn't a blissful honeymoon. But every day is meant to be, and once the puzzle pieces fall into place, life will be complete. So wait for that person and don't give up.


Kiera said...

wooo woooooo WOOOOOOO best post ever.

The Exceptional Parent said...
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The Exceptional Parent's Hubby said...

I agree with Kiera :)

Mountain Mama said...

What a sweet post, Maggie. I once heard someone say that the key to a good, lasting relationship is to believe that you have something special. In my experience that is very true. You're right, it's not always blissful but it's worth it. I'm glad you found your perfect life companion.