Sunday, March 20, 2011

In case you ever drop your iPod in water

This past week, our sweet daughter threw my iPod touch into the toilet. I froze. Then took it out. Then because it was already soaking, I quickly cleaned it. Then I washed my hands.

...And then I panicked.

I tried turning it on, but nothing happened. I was super bummed, because my husband gave this to me as a gift. I couldn't believe it was broken! I googled what to do and found a few different suggestions, so I did them all:

1) Don't try to turn your device on. If there is water, this could cause a shortage inside. Of course, I read this after trying to turn it on, but I'm including it for you guys.
2) Fill a container with rice.
3) Place the iPod face down in the rice, surrounded almost entirely, with some of the back exposed.
4) Find a spot in direct, warm sunlight, and put the container there. (If it's not sunny, put it under a lamp. But don't get it super hot either. Just warm.)
5) They didn't tell me to do this, but I slightly angled the iPod in the container so that any water could drip down and out.

They said to wait 24 hours, but I did this for almost two full days. And guess what? It worked! After charging it completely, it turned on after a few tries and works great!

I read a lot of reviews that iPods are extremely sensitive, cheaply made, and way overpriced. I also read Apple doesn't fix water damage. So if your iPod gets wet, don't throw it out right away. Give it a solid two days in the sunlight...and I hope it works for you too.


Kiera said...

sooo coool. yay megs/

Created2bholy said...

This also works for cell phones....I do it with mine about once a month when one of the girls either drools, pukes or throws it in water! :p

Amelia said...

I actually managed to put my iPod Touch in the waslher. I think that I forgot I was holding it when I put a load of laundry in, and forgot to locate it before pressing start. I panicked when I saw it, belly up, in the wash barrel as I tossed stuff haphazardly into the drier. (would super heating it to dry it out be a good....or a bad thing...) Like you, I turned it on immediately... and it turned right on! The sound was fine, the video is fine, its fine! Cleaner even. Apple might be pricier than other brands, but I'm a believer in their construction if nothing else!