Monday, March 28, 2011

The babe is growing up

Well, I shouldn't be surprised. This isn't the first time it has happened. Just when I start worrying about something, it works out just fine. Not everything, of course. But mostly. Little Olive moved into her stage two/convertible car seat back when she turned a year old. It was super exciting, and she loved facing forward. I had bought her car seat at our neighbor's garage sale last summer - for $3! It was the best deal ever. It was a good one too, no fancy stuff to it but still very safe and secure. It was afterwards I realized that car seats have an expiration date! I thought it was a scam made up by the companies to make us upgrade every six years. But the more I read about it, the more I didn't want to take the chance. Apparently, the plastics become weak and brittle over the years, and they might not be strong enough to take the impact of a car accident. No way am I going to take the chance with my daughter! 

Does that mean I'm going to buy brand new car seats every few years? No way, Jose. Not only is such an expense out of our budget, but we also try not to buy new products every time we need something. Take a look around our living room, and you'll quickly understand. A blue couch, a plush red recliner, mismatched end tables and desks. Some red lamps, some white ones. Even our dining room table and chairs do not match. We don't mind though...we like our house and the eclectic style it has. 

After our daughter was using the car seat, I looked at the date, and saw it will expire in a few months. I could easily find another at a garage sale this summer, but we're taking a 10 hour car ride to the midwest this spring, and unfortunately the car seat we have isn't very cushiony. I felt bad my baby might be uncomfortable after the first few hours. So, being specific and a bit snobby, I asked my FB friends if any of them had a used one - and if it was comfortable.

My husband's cousin came to the rescue with a beautiful car seat they weren't using anymore. It is so nice and fancy; better than anything we could have picked out. It's now secure in our car with another four years to it. Such a relief. Things always get taken care of!

And now that it's spring, and the sun is actually out, I've been thinking of getting Little Olive some toddler rain boots. Do you think this is a waste of money? Sometimes I do. First of all, is she even going to play in the rain - the only time she would really even need rain boots? Secondly, my ideal price for them is around $5 considering how short of a season they would wear them, and I doubt even on this great website I could find some that low. On the other hand, they are so cute and adorable...and a part of me still wants my daughter looking all stylish. 

That might explain why yesterday she wore a black and white star/stripe shirt with green pants, and purple socks? Oh dear. Maybe we'll save the rain boot shopping till next year. ;)

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