Thursday, March 24, 2011

Attachment Parenting and being flexible

I had heard of the term "attachment parenting" here and there while growing up, but I wouldn't have been able to give you a definition if you asked. It was after my daughter was born that I googled it and found this great website, which also happened to be the first hit. I read it and felt happily reassured that I was already doing most of it without even realizing, or trying. The first six just seemed instinctual to me, and very easy to do. But the seventh stood out to me the most; it's something I'm still applying to our family.

It seems that every day there's a new decision we have to make, or a new viewpoint of an issue to consider when we thought we already knew everything. Each family, each parent, and each child is so unique and different, and it's hard to just clump everyone together and expect the same thing to work. Everything about life isn't a "one size fits all" kind of deal. The same thing goes with attachment parenting - it's a style that has a lot of wiggle room in regards to specific issues. Notice it doesn't say anything about cloth/disposable diapers, pacifiers, vaccinations, circumcision, potty training, or schooling.

It does, however, say everything about responding and being sensitive to your baby's cues and creating a bond of trust. With this foundation, decisions for what I mentioned above then fall right into place. The key is to cultivate that bond so you make the best decisions.

"Attachment parenting helps you develop your own personal parenting style."

So with that being said, I challenge you to be open-minded when it comes to witnessing other parents. That doesn't mean you have to approve and say "Good job!" when you see a mom give her six-month-old Diet Coke in a bottle. But it does mean if they're doing something differently than you, or if what they're trying isn't going as smoothly as it did for you, just relax. If that mom loves her child as much as you love yours, you know she's doing her best. 

And if she's doing something questionable for the wrong reasons, trust me, she will find out for herself sooner or later. We all have trial and error times in our lives. But we all find our way. And our lives have enough stress in them to get ourselves worked up over what other people are doing.

Happy Thursday!


i.ikeda said...

Well said. More than one road leads to Rome (or something like that, you know, my non-native slang skills are a bit off).

Created2bholy said...

VERY good post! Nicely put and so very true!

LuAnn said...

And it stays true for as long as you're a parent--no matter what age your children are!

Kiera said...

very nice post is right