Monday, February 21, 2011

Tincture of Time

So, I'm writing this as a sort of therapy, I suppose. Sometimes things sit on the mind for too long...I have to get them off my chest. I have a very hard time "letting go." It's all because of my sensitive personality. I don't say this to make an excuse, it's true. I notice too much. When people say or do hurtful things, it hurts, and sticks. Sometimes I wish I could change that about myself.

I believe this was captioned "energy shield" from Episode I.
But the imagery is exactly what I wanted. 
My husband, for example, walks around with a true, patented, Star Wars deflector shield. Things try to attack him, but instead they hit his shield. A cool lazer sound is heard, an orange explosion happens, and things are fine. He simply shrugs it off and goes on with life.

How on earth...(or should I say, Tatooine)?

Then there are the people who stand up, grab the offense right out of the air, and throw it back with great force. They don't put up with anything. They don't cause drama; they end it. They don't get called the bitch; they are called strong. They don't cause a scene; they stand up for themselves. They don't start fights; they put people in their place.

I'd love to find the happy medium. That is my wish. That's my grown up Christmas list (isn't that song so annoying, by the way? Almost worse than Christmas Shoes). Oh wait, Christmas is over. Maybe that can be my New Years Resolution. Or maybe since I'm turning 24 in one week...that will be my 24 year old goal. my dear friend, Jurassica, once said to me, "I've always believed in Time. Time heals all." It's true. Time has healed broken hearts, broken bones, and broken bridges (...uh, not sure about the last one; I was just on a roll). I know when I look back on these issues five years from now, they will be healed too. But while I'm living them, I want that quick fix. Sigh... I just need to keep telling myself, All I need is a tincture of time.

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Natalie said...

My husband is the same way... and I am more like you... That will have to be my 30-year-old goal next month. I always try to make it a Lenten one... but it is definitely harder for me than my dear husband makes it seem. Perhaps it will be a lifetime struggle... but if so, it would still be worth it in the end!