Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Second Time Around

Well, the news is officially out: we're expecting again! We couldn't be more excited...it's just perfect.  For those skimming for facts and stats, here you go.

1) I am due the first week of October.

2) We're going to (try to) wait until the baby is born to find out the gender. Instead of saying we're "waiting to be surprised," (since it would be a surprise whether it was at 16 weeks through a sonogram or at 40 weeks through the birth), we're just waiting! This is going to be hard for me, since I definitely want to know. I might keel over and die one day, so if that happens, you know why.

3) We have names picked out. Feel free to ask if you want to know. :)

4) In answer to the question: Was it a surprise or were you trying? here's my little answer. Believe it or not, there are more than two possibilities. The third is called, being open to the possibility of being pregnant. Since we use NFP (give me an enormous megaphone for a second so I can set the record straight: "NFP is not the rhythm method!! Okay thanks bye."), my husband and I know every month when pregnancy is most likely. I started counting down the days till I could take a pregnancy test to know for sure. Sure enough, it was positive! :)

The coolest thing about this pregnancy is that my two sisters-in-law and I are all due within about two weeks from each other. That's three new babies all at once. Awesome!

This time around, there are things I want to do differently. For example, I'd like to exercise during this pregnancy - even if it's just a little. I'd also like to babywear more when he/she is born.

How I told my husband the news! 
And that's all I can think of so far.

We're planning for a homebirth, probably a waterbirth, with this one again. We have the same wonderful midwife. I'm so excited to have a whole pregnancy with her, as opposed to just the last 4 months. I'm starting to practice hypnobirthing again. Also taking my homeopathic cell salts. So far, things are good!

We're hoping to get a sonogram soon! After that, if all goes well, we're smooth sailing.

Welcome, baby number two!


Kiera said...

k, first off, i want to baby wear more than i did last time, too.

secondly, is that really how you told hub? if so, who is jen? surrogate?!

i.ikeda said...

I am so excited for you and your family! How awesome is it that you'll welcome three babies almost at once?!? And October is a great month for having babies ;)

Maybe this one will have the same birthday as Naomi, hehe.

Colleen McSheffrey said...

I hope you last till the baby's delivery to find out the sex...(don't keel over).it's the best being surprised at the end!!! That's what we're doing again too!
I agree...more babywearing for me too..I want to get a really good cuddle wrap...especially to be able to chase after my active soon to be 1 year old boy!

Colleen McSheffrey said...

oh so what names???

The Exceptional Parent said...

Kiera, yep! I cheated beforehand and got the words "pregnant" and "new baby" in my pocket. The other ones just came as we played along. Jen is our midwife :)

Louie, October sounds perfect to me...when is Naomi's birthday?

Cam, the names will be either Finnegan or Siena :)