Tuesday, February 08, 2011

SAT Prep at Six Months

Back when I was in college for Early Childhood, my teachers would visit different child care centers to find placements for their student teachers. They would continually tell us how disappointed they were in the state of pre-schools. So many of them were busy preparing the young 3 and 4 year olds for kindergarten. This included limited play and more time learning letters, numbers, and colors. This meant less creative activities and more "school-like" lessons.

Some of you might think, "This is a great idea. It's why our kids are so smart."

But I disagree. They spent so much time and energy "prepping" them for a grade they weren't even ready for yet. They literally were robbing the children of important play time. By allowing these young children to play all day long, they would already be learning everything they need to know. They would learn colors by finger painting; they would learn numbers by setting the table in the dramatic play area; and they would learn letters by taking orders for the pretend restaurant. Not to mention, by playing all day long, they will also learn communication skills, problem-solving skills, socialization (isn't that why we are so adamant to send our children to day care in the first place?), cause and effect, listening skills, sharing, empathy, consequences for their good/poor behavior, etc. etc. etc.

There is really no reason to take childhood away from them. And the same thing goes for younger toddlers and babies. There is no reason to rush your kid. These babies will eventually walk, talk, eat, drink, play, everything - on their own. We can encourage them when they're ready. Otherwise, we'll be missing out on beautiful moments of their current stage that we will never experience again!


i.ikeda said...

I totally agree. In fact at all levels schools are getting so intensely geared towards tests and "achievement" that there's little time for anything else. There are certain school districts that are eliminating recess in kindergarten! Yep, kindergarten.

I would love to homeschool my child, but that doesn't look likely. So I'm looking for alternative type schools, like Montessori or Sudbury.

Created2bholy said...

I completely agree! Dan and I have gotten very into the Maria Montessori's way of teaching children because of this!

Kiera said...

megs mccartle i think we're even more so on the same page than our due dates.