Thursday, February 24, 2011

My own vaccine debate

I've been writing a post about vaccines for several months now. As I researched and gathered more data, I had so much to say. I came on here today to finally publish it and share my thoughts.

But the more I've thought about it, the world doesn't need another blog post about why a family has chosen to not vaccinate their baby. There are so, so, so many reasons why we have chosen to not vaccinate at this time (but maybe ever).  If you want to know why, feel free to ask me, instead of assuming why we're not. Seriously, I'm very happy to talk about it if you're willing to listen with an open mind. Vaccinations are a very controversial and complicated matter. It is no easy decision.

If you are someone who might take vaccinations and immunizations lightly, and have not done research on both sides, I definitely welcome you to do so. We trust our medical system too much to make the best decisions for our children. Don't be afraid to dig deeper than what your pediatrician is telling you. Yes, diseases are very harmful, but the ingredients in vaccines are appalling. And here I have to stop myself otherwise I will retype everything I've just erased. :)

Feel free to share your thoughts below and tell me what you think. Believe me, I understand both sides.

Here are some resources I recommend if you're looking for more information:



i.ikeda said...

Hmm, maybe one day we should meet and talk. We decided we would vaccinate Naomi after looking at information, but (and it's a big but) I desperately wanted to be given choices as to which vaccines she would take and use a delayed schedule. We couldn't find doctors that were ok with that, so I'm still upset that we were in a way forced into choosing between all vaccines or no vaccines at all. Blech.

Created2bholy said...

Great post! Parents need to know that they have options and should be questioning and doing their own research. I don't blame a parent at all for vaccinating or not, as long as they're informed!

Kiera said...

Ms Mccardle i'm very interested in why you don't get your chilllld vaccinated.