Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My child is very advanced

If you come here enough, you'll notice a change! :) The blog is now The title matches. I also changed some colors around. I still want to put a picture in the header but have no idea how to make it a reasonable size that doesn't take up 20 feet. I don't understand the html editor. Scary lines and crazy lingo.

But might think my new title is a little arrogant. Well, that's okay because it's not. It's a joke.

It began during my first pregnancy. My sister-in-law wanted to feel the baby kick. And of course, as soon as she placed her hand on my tummy, Itty Bitty immediately ceased her dance party and laid perfectly still. Pointing at my belly, I said to her, "Come on, kick!" Then I told the relatives standing by, "She'll listen; she's very advanced."

And so it began...a recurring statement made when our child does something brilliant.

Which, in our eyes, happens to be quite a lot.

I think most parents want to believe their child is perfect, capable, and advanced. Not a bad thing, in my opinion. How can you not totally love your baby? But we also have to keep in mind that there are so many things we have absolutely no control over. It's not a reflection of the parents if your child teethes by 4 months, or still has yet to pop a tooth when she turns 1. Unless you're purposely knocking your baby down every time she tries to stand up, you can't determine when she'll start walking. Most parents talk to and encourage new words/signs. But if the kid isn't going to say "Daddy" even at 14 months (ahem ahem), there's not much we can do about it.

But the fact that she can say/sign Up, Please, Mommy, Chip, Some, That, Yeah, Thank You, More, Music, Kitty, All Done, makes up for that.

My, she is so advanced.

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