Saturday, December 18, 2010

Eggs and Bacon...sweet style

I love Christmas cookies...eating them, that is. I wish I was more of a baker to be honest. But it's no fun baking alone. However, I can't just go around eating everyone's cookies; I need something to bring places this holiday season. Just a little tin to pass around at parties and gatherings. So the other day, I made this quick and delicious recipe for that very reason. Unfortunately, since they are that good, I practically ate all of them it's time for another batch!

Eggs and Bacon

You will need:
Tiny stick pretzels
White chocolate disks
Yellow M&M's or Yellow Reese Pieces
An oven or microwave

First, lay out two pretzel sticks, side by side, on a cookie sheet. If you're doing this in the microwave, you should use a plate. Since I am against microwaves, I did this using my oven. Now, place the vanilla/white chocolate disks on top of the pretzels. It's important to keep your sticks close together; otherwise, the chocolate will melt and fall in the middle. Not what we want.

Fail rolled off your pretzels.

Then, place your cookie sheet in the oven. You'll have to be careful doing this because those sticks will roll a bit and the chocolate will fall off.  I set my oven temp on "Keep Warm" because all we want to do is melt the chocolate a little. When the sides of the chocolate start to drape over the pretzels, it's done. Carefully remove from oven.

Then, take your yellow candy and place them into the centers of the melted chocolate. This is why keeping your pretzels close together is important. The yellow candy just sags into the middle...and it looks bloopy.

And voila! You're done! Let them cool before trying to remove them from the sheet. They make a perfect,  pop in your mouth little treat. :)

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