Friday, December 17, 2010


We got a puppy yesterday! Here he is...the adorable little guy. He's pretty tiny right now...only a few pounds, 11 weeks old, and 1/3 the size of our cat. Our cat is a little pudgy. 

He's very cute. Not overly hyper or obnoxious. Loves to cuddle and fall asleep in our laps. Whined all night long for us, even though he was in the same room...ya know, all that kind of stuff.

I'm really happy he's here with us. He's good with Little Olive, which is the best news. I'm sure he'll cause lots of trouble with her, and on his own, but for right now, we're just soaking up the cute moments. :)

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Colleen McSheffrey said...

awww looks so cute! now i want one!