Thursday, November 11, 2010

Follow Your Heart

At my baby shower a year ago, all the women were asked to write down a piece of advice for me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them when I got home. Some of them made me laugh out loud...some of them made me tear up a little...and some of them were just perfect.

But my all-time favorite was from my mom. (Awww...) She said, "In the end, follow your heart."At first, it might seem so cliche, but I think any mother can fully appreciate and understand the power of those words. A mother's intuition is very strong; women should never doubt it! After searching for the right answer, weighing my pros and cons, and researching, in the end, I trust my heart when making decisions for my baby. When it didn't feel right to see my baby cry in someone else's arms, I took her back. When I felt uneasy at the idea of leaving her with someone, I just took her with me. When it seemed silly to put her in another room, in the dark, away from me at night, I listened to my heart and just kept her beside me.

She's pretty adorable
Wow, those things were so long ago! She's getting bigger now, and I've had to start the whole discipline thing a lot sooner than I expected. Sometimes she thinks it's a game; sometimes she even repeats me like a little stinker, "No no," or "Stah!" (her version of "stop"). And while half of me is trying to hold back a smile because she's so dang cute, the other half knows that this early, consistent, and fair discipline/redirection is 100% necessary. It might be easier for me to let her get away with everything, but that's not what's best for her - or our family. I'm continuing to follow my heart...just now at a different stage.

And that's also why I don't write as much on my blog as I thought I would! She comes first - always. So before she wakes from her nap, I'll say goodbye now! :)


Theresa said...


Word Nerd said...

Absolutely perfect! You are one smart mom and apparently, so is your mom! :O)

Jo said...

Don't know if my post is showing up here or not. I seem to be having trouble. Loved it, both you and your mom have it just right!

Paula Martin said...

Following your heart changes with every stage of your child's devlopment, but it's still the best thing to guide you.

catmuses said...

Loved your blog post. So touching and such good advice your mom gave you.

Kathy29156 said...

I think your mom gave you some excellent advice! I have found in my own experience that following my own gut instincts and weighing that with common sense has helped me get through most with my kids. Still wish a manual had been included at birth at times, but on the most part, I feel I have done pretty well.
Lovely post!


Mojo Writin' said...

Lovely post and you are right; follow your instincts when it comes to your child. I've never known mine to be wrong, and I doubt you will either :o)