Sunday, July 04, 2010

Midwives are free in NYS!

This past week, there was a huge victory for all midwives (and their advocates) when a bill was passed, the Midwifery Modernization Act, that allows midwives to practice without a written practice agreement with a physician. 

This was one of the first bills I was actively involved in. I called, wrote, and e-mailed those in charge. Sometimes I felt it was a waste of time. But I wanted to make my voice heard, and in the end, it really made a difference! People complain about the way things are. Others take action to change them, and I am so inspired by those people who did just that. We were able to make a difference as a democracy.

Speaking of a democracy, I know there are a lot of people out there who do nothing but find fault with the way the world is, or more specifically, the way the U.S. is. I know there is a lot that could and should be changed; no country is perfect by any means. And to that I say, get off your computer and start taking action. Things happen because people can make them happen. In our country, we are given the right of free speech, the right to life, the right to practice (or not practice) whichever religion we want.

Defend and live out those rights. Be thankful for the people who gave you them. Inform yourself wisely so you can build a solid, mature opinion about issues.

Pray for our authority figures in Washington, and all over the country - that they can lead us in the way of righteousness. Pray for those in the armed forces - that they may be safe while giving up life as they know it to serve and defend us all. Pray the civilians  - that we may never take our freedom for granted.

Happy Fourth of July!
Happy Birthday, America!
God bless the U.S.A. :)

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