Friday, July 02, 2010

Ina May's Guidance

During one of my prenatal visits with my midwife, her assistant let me borrow a fantastic book.

The reason I think this is such a profound piece of work is because it's written based on years of experience and thousands of births. The first half of the book is made up of birth stories written by women who were under the care of midwives at "The Farm." I read every single one. I focussed on the womens' emotions and how they handled the stages of labor. It gave me great strength to know if they all could do it, so could I.

The second half is Ina May's advice, wisdom and common sense. She talks about the anatomy of the female body, the natural process of labor and delivery, and how birth is meant to go smoothly. Only under special and rare circumstances are interventions needed. It was reassuring to know that what I wanted for my own birth experience wasn't uncommon or extraordinary. I just wanted what was natural!

I started talking about natural childbirth with my family, and whoever would listen. I thought to myself, Why didn't I hear more about this at the doctor's office? When were they going to tell me my body was perfectly designed to birth? At what point in my pregnancy were they going to calm my anxieties and assure me I had nothing to worry about? 

I was thankful for the eye opener! 

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