Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fear of Childbirth, Fear of Nature

When I was expecting, people always asked me, "So - are you getting nervous?" My answer was always, No. Not yet. In the beginning, I figured this confidence would diminish as time went by. Maybe the fact that birth was so far away made it simpler to be positive about. But as I began reading about pregnancy, childbirth, and the natural way, I realized there honestly wasn't anything to be nervous about!

Birth without ViolenceThe first book I ever read when starting my own research was "Birth Without Violence" by Frederick Leboyer. This was an incredible read. His beautiful, poetic, style of writing opened my eyes to a different view of birth: from the baby's perspective. It helped me imagine what I wanted my baby to experience her first few minutes after being born. I didn't want her to be spanked or jostled so she would cry. I didn't want her to be wiped or suctioned right away. I didn't want her handled by several different people before coming to my arms. It also showed me the importance of cord blood and how premature clamping might do more harm than help.

It was here I decided it was possible to bring a child into this world peacefully and calmly. We can let children be born in a way we would want to be welcomed into this world. If we simply slowed down and treated this event with sensitivity, then we would be respecting this baby as a human being, not just a 'thing'.

"We are all so quick to blame Nature, 
when actually she's so full of love and wisdom, 
and it is only we who are too blind to see." 
- F. Leboyer

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