Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Little History

In hindsight, it's easy to detect those life-changing moments. One of mine happened almost a year ago, and I'm amazed that my journey as a momma could have been so much different.

When I first became pregnant, I immediately started asking around for a great doctor. I wanted to know which hospital was the best to deliver at. I started taking my prenatal vitamins and bought a pregnancy journal, and looked forward to my first doctor's visit. Three or four months went by, and I had several good visits with the nurse practitioner. (That's right, not the doctor. Even when I told the receptionist I wanted my next visit with him, she scheduled me with the nurse.) Before I knew it, I was five months into my pregnancy, and still I hadn't met the guy who would be delivering my baby. This raised a red flag for my husband and me.

Around this time my mom reminded me to explore all my options. It was because she heard questionable things about the hospital I had decided to deliver at. It got me thinking...what else was I over-looking? I had been so laid back, going with the flow before realizing I wasn't even thinking of what I really wanted. I was letting other people, the "professionals," tell me what I needed. (When we finally met the OB, he won us over by telling me I probably would want drugs - since this was my first birth. Oh, and because it was my first birth, there was a 50/50 chance of an episiotomy. "I mean, if the baby's about to blow out of you, we'll have to help it along and cut a little.")

Alrighty, mister. Let's take a knife to your privates and see how much you like the "50/50 chance" of getting sliced.

That's when I had started my own reading, my own research, and actually, my own thinking. I looked into natural childbirth, midwives, and finally, the possibility of a home birth. But most importantly, I started reading about birth itself - and how the female body is designed to birth: perfectly. That was the changing point for's when I started taking control over my options. I did a complete 180.

It wasn't the easiest search, but we looked until we found exactly what we wanted: a wonderful midwife, who would come to our home, and let us have a water birth. I felt completely at peace about our decision, and even though some friends and family voiced their concern about it, I knew we were making the right call. And looking back, I can't blame them. They were filled with the same emotion that seems to be the driving force behind "labor and delivery" in our country: fear.

But the more I educated myself, the more I learned there is nothing to fear. And I hope that everyone will soon learn the same.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back again!

After a four year absence, I'm back with a purpose: to share my findings as a new mom.

Our daughter was born seven months ago, and her life has made me so passionate about my role as her mommy. I'm always thinking, asking, and looking for the best way to raise her. I want to make this experience a great one for my little family. I make decisions based on advice from trusted family members and admired friends, my own education, research, and motherly instinct. But in the end, I trust my heart. I think that's very important.

My goal is to write often and hopefully be a friendly read to other moms out there.
Until next time... :)